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Mission, Vision, and Values

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Mission Statement

Political Research provides policy analyses, opinion surveys, program evaluations, and practical advice to people who want to participate in the policy-making and policy implementation process using credible facts, data, and analysis.


Political Research envisions a well-informed society where decisions about public policies are made in a transparent, open, and information-rich environment.


Political Research values high quality, accurate, evidence-based analysis, and evaluation of the performance of government policies, practices, and institutions that serve to illuminate the costs and benefits to all members of society.


Our goals are to provide the highest quality information and analysis, to draw conclusions that stand the test of time, to make sense of data and to provide clarity, accuracy, and actionable information.


Political Research provides competence in the following areas:

Public Finance

Public Education

Public Safety

Economic Development

Public Opinion Surveys

Literature Reviews, Meta-analyses, and Data Analysis

Performance evaluation, tracking, and reporting

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