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How We Do Business - Facilitation

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Consulting and Facilitation

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Make it happen!  Consulting and facilitation services are designed to provide a solid foundation for improving orgnizational performance.  Depending on the services required, Political Research will identify the best available consultants and draft a detailed proposal  and staffing profile for each client to review before beginning any project.

These are the areas consulting and facilitation services we provide:


         Values Clarification – identify what is essential to your organization's mission and the required quality of resources, personal, financial, and social, that are necessary for pursuing that mission.

         Strategic Assessment & Planning – connect the dots between actions and accomplishments, schedule actions that need to be done, and create if/then steps to follow when results do not match goals.

         Performance Management – benchmark your organization against peers to identify and strengthen activities that are critical to success and create detailed schedules and action plans.  

         Leadership Development, Succession Planning, and Change – deal with your emerging challenges before they deal with you. 

         Business Process Analysis and Redesign – figure out what works best for your situation.

         Building and maintaining effective work teams – learn how to understand roles, communication, and playing well together. 

         Plan execution and tracking results – understand what needs to be done, prioritize and do it so that you can see the accomplishments.


Many of these areas overlap and complement one another.  We can help you identify the areas that you need to address and develop a plan with options for you to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of your operations. 


Together, we will examine your organization and propose a list of items for us to address.  When those items are mutually determined, we will schedule a series of meetings to address them and provide feedback on those meetings relative to an appropriate plan of action and subsequent follow-up.  We require our clients to agree to a follow-up, within six months to one year, so that we can confirm execution and assist in securing positive results.

Political Research charges a 20% administrative fee for managing consulting contracts, plus the consultant or facilitator's  fee (including travel at the established federal rate).  Consultation and facilitation is charged at an hourly rate, which includes providing a written summary and action plan with a follow-up meeting by Political Research staff.
Consulting and facilitation fees are negotiated separately according to established rates of pay established by the facilitator.  Hourly estimates will be used to calculate the cost based on the duration of work sessions and session results summaries (one hour per hour of facilitation/consultation).
An initiation fee of 50% of the total consultation fee is payable upon execution of the contract, after the initial assessment.  The remainder is to be held in escrow pending completion and delivery of a summary of the facilitation or consultation results and recommendations addressing the issues mutually identified in the initial meeting and review.  Upon delivery, 80% of the escrow account (40% of the total cost) is payable, with the remaining 20 % of the escrow (10% of the total cost) payable upon the delivery of a report with a previously scheduled six-month or one-year follow-up meeting by Political Research staff to assess the results and document progress.
An on-site meeting, for a full 10-hour day, with key members of your organization or stakeholders to discuss project scope and duration of commitment can be arranged for $1000, plus travel expenses.  A half-day, for five hours is $500, plus travel expenses.
All valid agreements with Political Research are in writing with the signatures of all parties involved.

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